Fusion Beatz has truly changed my life!

Submitted by: Aruna Chinnakotla

Linden's Success Story

After moving back to the Bay Area from Ohio, where she graduated from Oberlin College with an English degree, she decided it was time to get in shape. She came to Fusion Beatz after hearing rave reviews from her mother, and soon she was hooked! She loves the infectious music and fun moves, and is so glad to find an energizing workout that brings fun to fitness. She is now in better shape than she has ever been before, and thanks to Fusion Beatz, she was motivated to keep up healthy eating habits and workouts outside of the classes. When the first picture was taken I was a size 12 and now I am a size 6.Two years ago I was struggling to jog two miles on a treadmill, and now, because of Fusion Beatz, I just ran my first half marathon. I lost about 30 pounds, and have kept it off for over a year, but I think the most meaningful part of my fitness journey is that I have gained confidence, gotten to know amazing people and have found something I am passionate about through Fusion Beatz.


Linden Before


Linden After