Functional Improvements

Submitted by: Nicholas Ortego

Ruth's Success Story

I am an 82 year old woman. My daughter and I are evacuees from New Orleans who came to Baton Rouge after Katrina. We both lost our homes to the flood waters. My daughter insisted that I have a personal trainer as soon as possible
after we arrived here. I had a trainer in New Orleans for several years. I have had hip replacement surgery twice, and I had a stroke two years before the storm.
When I got here, I was unsure of my walking and balance.

Nick was a unique find. He came to my house two times a week, and instead of using weights, he creatively made use of the furniture and stairs in the house. I was fearful of almost all of his innovations and felt I had a small chance of overcoming my fears and muscle weakness. We started off by doing simple motions and, gradually, seemingly before I knew it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had
improved my strength and my endurance, although it was months that had moved
by quickly.

It has been a year since Nick “bravely took me on”. Now I look forward to the sessions, and I feel that the quality of my life has much improved. My daughter who
is with me in Baton Rouge uses him as her trainer at the YMCA, and my other daughter, who lives in Oregon, sees him as much as possible when she comes in to
visit us. Nick is the best personal trainer I have ever had, and I feel we have become good friends
Ruth Weisler
Baton Rouge, LA