Fun is what happened!

Submitted by: Stacia Irwin

Diane's Success Story

I started coming to see Stacia because my doctor told me I was starting with osteoporosis and should start thinking about doing bone density exercises. I also was not feeling positive about myself. I was feeling weighed down, foggy, no energy or pep.
After my consultation with Stacia, I thought to myself, ”Oh no! What did you get yourself into!
“FUN” is what happened!
Stacia made me work, and have fun, too. She explained why we were doing a certain exercise, what part of the body it would help. .I didn’t realize how out of shape I was but after 1 month all the exercises didn’t seem hard anymore like they did at first and I no longer felt weighed down. Stacia’s enthusiasm rubbed off on me and it’s like I woke up, I felt energized , and more alive. She put me in the mood to exercise and made it fun!. If you want to work out and have fun, give Stacia a call!

Diane L.