Fun Fitness For an Old Guy Who Will do Just a 'Whisker More"

Submitted by: Jody Kennett

Tim's Success Story

This is what Tim titled his story that he read to his writing group: "Why I hate my Personal Trainer'
I wonder how many people around this table remember the days, long ago, when a doctor would make home visits to look after you. Sadly, in most cases, that day is long gone.

But, I am very lucky in one related respect: I have a personal trainer who makes home visits. So, about once a week Jody visits me for one hour at home and works me over. Really good!

One day, Jody asked me, "Why don't you go to your writing group anymore?"
"Because I don't have anything to write about," I replied.
"Why don't you write about 'why you hate your personal trainer?", she asked.
So, here goes: this is why I hate my personal trainer.
I will try to limit it to only four pages, due to time constraints.

I should have seen the first warning sign when Jody made me sign my life away before beginning her torture sessions. Now, I cannot file a complaint under the Hague Convention for illegal torture, or under the Criminal Code of Canada for unusual and cruel punishment.

So here goes: this is why I hate my personal trainer:
*she nages me so nicely
*she keeps on pushing me to my virtual physical limit, and then just a whisker more
*I am convinced she cannot count to fifteen correctly
*she keeps on trying to make me promise to do things
*she always asks me questions that she alredy knows the answers to
*she has figured me out so I cannot lie

I think that you get the picture.

Now, let's flip the coin to the other side. The fact of the matter is that I don't hate my personal trainer at all: I love her dearly. Due to the aforementioned time constraints, I will limit this to only six more pages.

I was first referred to Jody because she is a specialist in working with people with knee and hip replacements among other things. She is professionally trained, and has many years of experience. First, she takes a full social history. She will not resume my sessions after surgery until she has written medical clearance. In addition, I have arranged to have Jody consult with my family doctor.

Jody works with me with a constant positive attitude, and delightful winsome manner and sense of humour. She has also burrowed into my warped sense of humour. Wonderfully, she has learned what a "whisker" is. She has an adept skill of taking my exertions to just the right limit, and then just a whisker more! But she is more than a personal trainer - she is a life coach. Thus, she constantly strives to get me to identify my goals, and then challenges me to try and attain them. She is constantly focussed on me, and pushing me to do more!