From Yoga to Boot Camp, A Total Body and Mind Make-over!

Submitted by: Niki Gauthier

Julie Anne's Success Story

In December 2009, I found myself in a frustrating place, both physically and emotionally. I was 212 lbs, miserable with my appearance, struggling in my marriage and my self-esteem was nearly absent.

I signed up for Yoga three times a week and discovered it was REALLY HARD! But I felt better and it helped my back and my foot and I felt like I was doing something good. Before I knew it, I'd dropped 10 lbs.

I started to be a little more careful about what I ate but hadn't really embraced adjusting my diet. I enrolled in Niki's Weight Loss class and learned about 'clean' eating and feeding my body what it needed, not what my emotions told me it needed.

By February, I was ready to start Boot Camp. It was exhausting at first but I felt like I'd accomplished so much after an hour that I was often more motivated to do other things after class. Whitney's favorite thing to say in class is "You are stronger than that!". It has become my mantra.

I have thrived on the group environment as it motivates me to push myself harder than I would on my own. I have lost 38 lbs, 24.5 inches in my torso, 8.7% body fat, 5 dress sizes and I swear I'm an inch taller. I just bought my first bikini since college and washed my car in it the other day!


Julie Anne Before


Julie Anne After