From the Sassy Seniors of Santa Barbara!

Submitted by: Jehan Izhar

Patricia McCormack's Success Story

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as a recommendation of the highest order for Jehan Izhar, our Instructress for Senior Stretch and Tone classes at Spectrum Health Club.

For a long period of time we have been under Jehan's expert guidance to improve our strength, stability, and flexibility. The results have been very gratifying for each member of our class, and we find the class enjoyable.

Jehan is very knowledgeable about the musculature of the body, and understands the limitations and possibilities that exist for the senior population. She is responsible, very professional in demeanor, poised, well organized, paces the class well to suit the participants, and is very well informed. There is never a dull moment, as she knows how to keep up moving, AND challenge us, as well as giving us increased levels as we progress in strength. We are all impressed with her skill, and handling of individual problems.

She most certainly would be a valuable addition to any staff involved with improvement of physical abilities. We shall miss her guidance, but have achieved our goals of better fitness and flexibility.


Patricia McCormack


Patricia McCormack After