From Skinny to Manly

Submitted by: Asim Khan

Scott's Success Story

I first joined a gym back in May of 2006 and started training initially with another trainer. He helped me to optimize my cardio workouts and started me on basic circuit training, and by September of 2006 my weight had dropped from 172 to 138 pounds. After this loss of fat and drop in size my goal became to increase my body's muscle mass.

After some frustration of not having the knowledge and discipline to do it myself, I started training with Asim at the start of 2010. With his excellent training, I reached a goal of 9.8% bodyfat, gained muscle, and improved my nutrition. I had never been in such good muscular and lean shape in my entire life!

Asim also assisted me in correcting my sleeping issues and trained me to design my own workouts for continued increase strength and size. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness and health.


Scott Before


Scott After

Asim Khan

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