From Pudgy to Lean & Mean

Submitted by: Asim Khan

Mark's Success Story

Before I began training with Asim I was definitely of the mindset that I will "get back into shape". However, I soon realized that this was nonsense; I was going to "get into shape!". Asim led me to realize that I had a great deal to learn about training, diet, and general self-motivation. As a consequence of all that he helped me achieve, I am now in the best shape of my life.

I had allowed myself to become overweight, and was nursing a shoulder injury and extreme lower back weakness. Asim developed a tailored and phased workout program that helped me rapidly recover from my injury. While following this program not only did my shoulder and lower back weakness dissipate, I saw steady weight loss combined with considerable muscular gains. As many people know, training alone is not enough. Throughout the extent of our time together, not only did Asim constantly adjust the workout program to meet my evolving fitness needs and goals, he also repeatedly assisted me in adjusting my diet and supplementation.

Beyond the technical aspects of training, Asim has been a phenomenal motivator. He has demonstrated exceptional patience as my goals shifted from weight loss, to sport fitness, to pure mass building. At each stage Asim remained enthusiastic and encouraging. During the weight loss phase he kept me accountable to my goals, while always remaining positive. During the sport fitness phase, Asim tailored MMA-specific routines to the workout cycle, actively participating with me in the workouts, rather than remaining a disinterested observer. Lastly, during the mass building phase, he taught me how to gain lean mass, and avoid a detrimental fat-gaining bulk.

My time training with Asim has left me fitter than ever, and left me educated enough and capable enough to develop and maintain my own workout routines. More than all of that, his naturally encouraging and positive disposition have gifted me with a lifelong friend and training partner.


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