From Injured to Incredibly Fit

Submitted by: Asim Khan

Wendy's Success Story

Before starting training, I spent hours at the gym without seeing any progress - I continued to look skinny fat and didn’t seem to be any stronger. I experienced some setbacks during 2009 – 2011 where I had to take time off due to a series of shoulder injuries. I dislocated my right shoulder and it developed into frozen shoulder. When that got better (about 16 mos), I injured my left rotator which also developed frozen shoulder. I now know that I am prone to shoulder injures due to the structure of my shoulder joints.
I was very depressed as I lost any gains I made during the sessions leading up to these setbacks.

When I started working out with Asim Khan from August 2011. We had to train specifically around my issues. In addition to a loss of strength (upper and lower body) I had limited mobility in my shoulders which made certain exercises difficult or not appropriate. For example, I could not lift any dumbbells above my shoulder due to lack of flexibility and strength.

Asim was great - we spent time on increasing mobility and building strength in my shoulders. I had also developed some strength and mobility imbalances due to these injuries so we worked on correcting these as well. Although it was depressing having to start literally from the beginning, over time, I did start seeing improvements.

It has been 20 months of focus and hard work with Asim. Today, I am stronger and have greatly improved on the imbalances in strength and flexibility. I can do chin-ups and triceps pushups (which I was never able to do before) and am starting to do Olympic lifting again. My goal is to do 10 chins and 50 pushups by the end of the year. I have also modified my nutrition and together with the work out program feel like I am in the best shape ever... I love working out and believe that I can continue to gain strength/flexibility and be injury-free.


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