From flab to fab!

ME! Rachel Buschert's Success Story

My name is Rachel- I really do eat, sleep, and breath fitness! But this was not always the case! I moved to New York to attend NYU as a dance major. As a dancer I was always scrutinized for my weight. I wasn't extremely overweight, but to the dance world I was! This really put a damper on my confidence. After graduating, I found myself struggling to make it as a dancer in the big apple. So, like many other artists, I started waiting tables and bartending. This job went hand in hand with an unhealthy lifestyle. Overeating, not sleeping, and depression began to kick in. I was in denial of my weight gain despite my family's concern. I had managed to pack on 50
pounds in a year's time! I remember standing at the register at the
restaurant I was working at and putting my hand on my hip. I realized there was a lot of me in my hand - way more than there ever was before!! A lightbulb went off. I quit everything right then. I quit the restaurant job that I couldn't stand, and I decided to quit my negative outlook on life. I started working on my personal trainer certification. I started dancing again. I started to learn how to eat better. Eventually I found myself 30 pounds lighter and on my way to a new career in fitness. I now work as a full time fitness instructor in New York. Then Beachbody came into my life and took me to new heights. I was chosen to go through Shaun T's latest workout
INSANITY. After 60 days I completely transformed my body and my fitness level. I'm now fitter then I was in College and completed my
weight loss goal (an additional 12 pounds!). I WON the NYC Biathlon in 2009 - something i never ever dreamed of! I feel strong, fast, and ready for whatever obstacles life throws at me. And now, I am here to help YOU!! It is not an easy road, and there will be plenty of roadblocks and detours to challenge you along the way. I've encountered them all, and I can help you.


ME! Rachel Buschert Before


ME! Rachel Buschert After