From Discouraged to Encouraged to be Active!

Submitted by: Annie Elmer

Anita's Success Story

When I came to Annie’s fitness studio, I was walking with a cane, not moving much and discouraged about exercise thinking I had to “beat myself up” and having it leave me hurting. I felt angry and let down that my body had MS as I had always been so strong and healthy. Annie encouraged me to have a gentle and loving approach to my body. Annie encouraged me to listen to what my body is saying. She encouraged movement but not strain. The point is, we are born to move and our miraculous body’s respond in health and strength as we lovingly move it. It doesn’t need to be “punished” because we are too fat or flabby or some other abusive self talk that we participate in. It has truly been life changing with so many positive results to change my mind set from disgust and upset at my body to gentle love and gratitude for the gift of my body. It’s not about the weight number or appearance which is really more based on society’s fixation on only the young with some perceived body type are of any value, it’s about cherishing the God given gift of our bodies and out of gratitude and gentleness we move and we heal.