From Desk Job to Triathlete

Submitted by: Steve Vicera

Michelle's Success Story

I started training with Steve in October 2004. Although I had been working with another trainer the five months prior, I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted to see.

The first (and most important) areas that we worked on were my core and stabilizer muscles. I found that I was able to do more once these muscles had been developed. I was also seeing definition through my mid-section, something I hadn’t seen since the birth of my first child. I experienced an increase in my energy level and realized that the workouts helped me manage the every day emotional and physical stresses of home and work.

I travel frequently for work and keeping on schedule with a workout can be difficult. Steve taught me how to do simple exercises which don’t require a gym. Push-ups, lunges, and running can be done anywhere.

In December 2005, I decided to participate in the P.F. Chang Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I had no experience with distance runs; in fact, this would be the first race I had ever run. I only had five weeks to go from running 2-3 miles to 13 miles. I asked Steve to help me get ready. His main focus was to keep me injury free during the five week training period. He put together a running schedule and a stretching regimen that helped keep an irritable IT band in tact prior to and after the race. Our weekly sessions consisted of strength building for my legs and lots of stretching.

My goals were to complete the race without stopping or walking, and to run a ten minute mile average. I ran the entire race and even beat my 10 minute mile goal! It was such a high to complete the race that I signed up for another half marathon within a couple of weeks. The next race is in March and Steve is already helping me with the training needed to reach my goal of completing the race under 2 hours.

I have met long-term goals as well. I have converted fat pounds to muscle pounds. Although I don’t weigh any less than when I started (that wasn’t my goal), my clothing size is now two sizes smaller. And I have increased my energy level, which was my biggest goal of all.

Michelle Hoover