From Couch Potato to Athlete

Submitted by: Alana Sweetwood

Linda Thornblume's Success Story

When Linda first came to my studio a little over 2 years ago I would have never guessed that it was possible to make a nearly 50 year old couch potato into an athlete but that is just what happened. When I was approached to train Linda, she told me what her goal was. She wanted to pass the SRT test for U.S. Customs special force agents. I looked at the test and then at her and said no way. But there was something in her eyes that convinced me to take her on as a client. Since she would have to become fast enough to run a mile and a half in 11 minutes and be able to do 7 pull ups I knew our work was cut out for us. We began the weight loss program immediately and that was a success. Linda lost almost 100 lbs in just a few months, and was able to do 5 pull ups, run the mile and a half in 11 minutes, do 60 sit ups in 2 minutes, 40 push ups and so much more. She truly became an athlete now doing mud runs and staying in shape every day. Her drive and dedication created an amazing and fantastic athlete.