From Amateur to Professional

Submitted by: Charles Parker

Countess Winfrey's Success Story

I started my journey to pursue professional dancing about two years ago. I was preparing myself for auditions, getting my head/body shots and resume together in this process. For me, a major part of the process was decreasing my weight and toning my body for my auditions and for the body shots that I would need to bring to the auditions. I asked Charles to help me by giving me a food plan and workout plan. I had already begun the pursuit toward losing the weight and reaching my fitness goal, but I started to plateau and needed some additional help getting those last few pounds off, and attaining some additional muscle tone.

Charles provided me with a very extensively detailed workout plan and food plan, and by the time my auditions came around I had reached my goal weight, had increased my stamina, and gained some muscle tone. I felt more ready than ever! Meeting my goal weight was important to me so that I would be healthier and so that I would be able to perform to the best of my abilities. I seriously began my journey toward weight loss and muscle tone in August of 2011 and was 136 pounds. By January 2012 I had lost around 6 pounds and was having a bit of trouble trying to learn to maintain that weight and continue losing. I was not confident that my eating patterns and food choices were beneficial to my goal, and had also begun to feel that my workouts were not as productive to my goal.

When I began Charles’ Food plan and workout in early 2012, I finally reached my goal of 125 pounds by April! I was very pleased and utterly grateful to have had his assistance in reaching my goal. The food plan was very easy to follow, and I was still able to eat good food! In addition, the workouts were very self-explanatory, which prevented me from needing a trainer. Charles Parker’s weight loss and muscle toning program was very successful for me, and I still use some of the components of his plan to this day!


Countess Winfrey Before


Countess Winfrey After