From 220 lbs to 185 Lbs in 5 months of Training with Octavio.

Submitted by: Octavio Pozos Perez

Karin jordan's Success Story

My Client Karin's succes story/ El exito de mi Cliente Karin.
My Client and dear friend Karin came to me with many overweight issues and low self steam. She promise me that what ever was going to take to CHANGE this no matter the time and effort she was "ready to do and take the challenge"....she was tired being REJECTED in the intimacy because she was overweight, so I started trainig her with a very "Intense and Serious Exercise Program tailored just for Her"....After 5 months of doing with her Resistance training not necessarily weights, more pilates, cardio classes with me, adjust her calories intake and stretching 5 months later from 220 lbs she went down to 185lbs. A great satisfaction for me to HELP people feel good and get back UP your self steam and get in Shape for the rest of their Life,

Sincerely your Trainer and friend :
Octavio Master Trainer


Karin jordan Before


Karin jordan After