From 200 lbs. to 173 lbs. in 4 1/2 months!

Submitted by: Lyen Wong

K.P. from Miami, FL's Success Story

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„I'm male, 35 years old and work in a managerial position in Marketing with a multinational company. I was always convinced that I just couldn't get fat because I practiced a lot of sports such as squash, snowboarding and running. I also went to the gym quite often where I would spend up to one hour on
the treadmill at each visit. I also thought that I ate well since I didn't eat many sweets or drank soft drinks loaded with sugar. Since I don't smoke at all and drink little alcohol, I thought I was healthy, too.

However, my weight started to creep up after I turned 30. I tried to cut back on the eating by often skipping a meal and by stepping up my visits to the gym. My weight increased regardless, not to extreme levels but eventually it topped 200 pounds, which on my 6-foot frame meant that I now had a small "life saver". I hated it!

I then stepped up my dieting and exercise efforts but managed to lose only about 5 pounds in almost a year. Now I decided to seek professional help and found the website of Lyen Wong when searching for a personal trainer on Google. I started training with Lyen in May and until today (I'm writing this in mid September) I have lost over 25 pounds!

So how did this happen? After sending the contact form, Lyen called me back and we met for a first free interview. I explained my training and nutrition history and my objectives and she gave me a general idea of what I needed to do in order to achieve them.

The following week, we discussed the new training and nutrition plans she had done for me and we started working out together in the gym at my condo.
Lyen is really focused on the long-term sustainability of the results, once achieved. She goes for a lifestyle change not a quick fix that will get you back to where you started or worse after a few months.

On Lyen behest, I started to write down my weight and body fat percentage so I could keep track of my progress.

I wanted to see results quickly so I trained with Lyen three times a week and another two to three times by myself, either following her workout plan or running. I did both weight and cardio training to burn calories and retain muscle mass at the same time. I also stuck religiously to the nutrition advice Lyen had given me, eating several small meals during the day and keeping track of my caloric intake with the tools that she had provided me with.

The results were nothing short of impressive! I lost weight continuously and am now down to 173 pounds. I have six-packs for the first time in my life!
The best part is that all that lost weight is body fat and I didn't shed muscle mass which is what usually happens with dieting."

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K.P. from Miami, FL Before


K.P. from Miami, FL After