Freehold Senior Citizen Fitness training results

Submitted by: Joe Zita

Walter A. -Retired corporate executive's Success Story

I was an overweight 65 year old.My severe lower back pain was recently diagnosed as arthritis.I was taking four Advil three times a day for pain.My orthopedic doctor recommended physical excercise
to strengthen my lower back and core along with a walking regiment.

A friend told me about Joe Zita and his wife. I decided to give him a try. Joe has been meeting me at my house three times a week for about two months. He works with me on a regimen of stretching and light free weight exercises. We started a walking program together that I now do alone. THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN GREAT!

Yes, I still have some back pain and always will but my back pain has been reduced to the point that I no longer need the Advil. Also,I can go out to the mall shopping (walking and standing for a long time) without any dire consequences.

I highly recommend Joe's services to anyone in need of them.He is personable,informative and has helped me immensely.