Free from Pain

Submitted by: Stacy McCarthy

Rick Author & Speaker's Success Story

Several years ago, one of the women in my yoga class approached me about buying ten private lessons for her husband for a Christmas gift. Several months went by & I finally got an email from the husband ready to get started.
After my first session with him, I was pretty sure I’d never hear from him again. He said few words, never smiled & seemed utterly bored. However, I got an email the next day asking for me to work with him twice a week. Over the next three weeks I worked with him and still I felt like he really didn’t like me or maybe he just didn’t like yoga.

During the fourth week, I noticed he had a small recording device next to his yoga mat. When I asked about it he asked if I’d mind if he recorded our sessions so he could practice on the days we didn’t meet. I noticed that he actually smiled & made a joke with me that day as well.

As I continued to teach him privately over the next two years, he became one of my raving fans. I had it all wrong when I thought he didn’t like yoga or me.
My clients name is Rick Barrera. He is an author & speaker spending much of his time, behind a desk, on a plane, train or car traveling. His busy, successful work schedule had wreaked havoc on his body. He had a body full of fear, pain & neglect. The result of the pain in his body led to depression & melancholy.
He suffered from severe kyphosis, hip, neck & low back pain, shortness of breath & headaches.

Through our sessions, he began creating flexibility where he once was rigid, strength where he once was weak. As the structural irregularities disappeared & muscular balance appeared, he started to create freedom in the body.
As his body gained more balance, his mood elevated & his spirit soared.

As much as I inspired Rick, he was part of the inspiration for me to develop additional products he could use on the road. Now several Yoga DVD’s, audio programs, practice posters & yoga applications for downloads, Rick can practice with me anyplace, anytime.
“I started with Stacy as an alternative to claiming disability because of the severe neck and back pain I experienced on every airplane flight. When I started yoga I could not touch my knees. Now I can do a full forward bend and hold my feet. My neck and back are infinitely more flexible. I can even do an assisted backbend! My posture and breathing have also improved greatly. Stacy saved my career, my health and perhaps my life.”