Free From Fibromyalgia Pain!

Submitted by: Michael Twydell

Karen's Success Story

Karen came to me one day and complained that due to her fibromyalgia she was unable to even walk a flight of stairs. Knowing that the pain associated with FM is due to the nerves losing their motor/neural connection I told her we would try weight training to train the nerve pathways to fire off properly so they would not be sending pain signals back to the brain. I said to give me one month and to be tough to push through the pain. Like a champ Karen pushed through the intense workouts willing herself to be stronger and stronger. By the end of the month she was finding that the pain was becoming less intense.
At the end of 3 months she was pain free and leg pressing 350 lbs. for 15 reps.
To this day she follows the workouts we did and as long as she stays "on track" she has no symptoms from her once debilitating illness!