For the Love of Riding

Submitted by: Jeanette Perry

Cynthia's Success Story

A client came to me sixty pounds over weight and lacking both balance and stability. When working through her assessment I discovered she had an urge to feel better, be healthier and get back to riding horses confidently. She had an extensive history with riding and endurance training but unfortunately did not feel as comfortable with riding due to her deconditioned body. Within eight weeks of core training mixed with cardio and strength training her balance and stability has made a dramatic improvement. Her posture is more aliened, her reactive capabilities are enhanced, and she has lost eighteen pounds. She is riding more frequently and feels stronger all around. Now, of course we have more work to do and many more weeks ahead to reach the goals we set together but I think it’s important for people to realize and appreciate the progress they make along the way. Congrats Cynthia and thank you for taking time to take care of yourself and allowing me to be a part of your success!