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quota principle is fixed and some other reasons ,the application not to be approved .
In 2011 a new round of the poverty alleviation program, Pingwu ,Beichuan has fi Christian louboutin replicanally been put Qinba Mountain connects a destitute areas ,which also entered the national poverty alleviation .
However ,Ya under the jurisdiction of the Chinese source ,asbestos ,Mount Lu ,the 4 a mountainous area county was not so lucky ,the 4 county has 355000 impoverished population, farmers per capita net income only 2000 yuan, the poverty rate was 28.
8% .And Beichuan ,Pingwu ,in 2008 after the Wenchuan earthquake, the 4 counties were designated as highly county ,but compared to Pingwu ,Beichuan, the degree of social concern natural much smaller .
Ya immigrati Replica watcheson bureau director Yu Gangping introduction ,these area resource to development ,traffic infrastructure has not shaped ,poverty status is worrying .However, the recent round of development that help deficient up to work for 10 years, only 1.
78 billion investment, to Haruki every year only 3 ~ 50000 yuan. This money what to do ?We only discuss the good to do on Ugg bootse of t Wedding dresshe most meaningful thing ,for example to fix the school classroom ,laying a really can go on .
To say more than basic poverty blood and hematopoiesis thinking ,in practice it can be downright difficult . Ya Chengdu East ,west of Ganzi, south of Lian rolex copygshan ,north of the ABA ,in the region has obvious connection ,communication ,buffer ,which features ,are difficult to classify into which a special region .
National characteristics ,the magnitude of the disaster ,building of the old revolutionary base areas and so on several aspects are not outstanding . an in t Homecoming dresses 2013his area of the cross and the local working situation attenti Fake rolex watches for saleon being paid less .
Yu Gangping said to a reporter .Ya project immigration bureau chief Zheng Xiaomei told reporters ,has not been included in the focus of follow-up effect is ,up to the capital, to project will become very difficult to .
Most of the c Replica rolexountry capit Christian louboutin red bottomsal is a special investment county and poor area ,Ya only a job that help deficient up ,constantly seeking social capital ,the integration of various resources to sustain .
However ,this situation ,will continue for the next 10 years .Ya ,also is not isolated cases .Wang Sitie a christian louboutin red bottomsnalysis ,our country population of about 23000000 absolutely poverty distribution presents the point ( of impoverished area county ) ,sheet ( special poverty area ) ,line ( along with the coexistence of poverty ) .
In focus ,with the total poverty population 49% along the poverty belt area is in a rather awkward attention scotoma ,many border ,metr Rolex Replicaopol Replica rolex submarineritan ,regional junction transition zone often become more difficult to benefit local policies .
However ,worthy of contrast, the 3 round of the job that help deficient up down ,some local long-term wearing a few top k Red bottomsey to help deficient hat .Although the poor region merging is one of the most recent round of development that help deficient up key ,are the next 10 years the job that help deficient up the main Discount Christian louboutin battlefield, but from look on the list ,many into counties ,are all at the same time with poor areas and county double identity .
Good place cake ,capital everfount ;lac Reolx replicask of attention to the local sustained attention ,sustained funding gap . Wang Sitie Rolex replicathinks ,the job that help deficient up the original definition is to help difficult masses below the poverty line poverty ,into the food and clothing .
However, there are still many places still in a clothing line struggling at the same time ,some applicants place already been busy upgrading their construction ,and even began to do some image project ,the Matthew effect of the job that help deficient up a Rolex Replica watchesctually deviates from the original track .
He thinks ,pay attention to itself is also a kind of resource .If some parts of the poor is because geographically in the boundary zone and cause ,if in the job that help deficient up still marginalized perspective ,will cause this kind of long-term poverty, population cardinal number is small ,scattered living people as a national policy of blind spots .
The resource that help deficient up in some areas are continuously enriched ,finally caused the divide between rich and poor and aggravate ,this is not is the country helps deficient up train of thought .
Sichuan Province to help deficient up immigration assistant deputy secretary Peng Fade expresses when accepting a reporter to interview ,adhere to f Cheap wedding dressesairness ,righteousness Hilton Beijing Wangfuj Red bottom shoesing Hotel Hotel Ugg outlet Qin Tang restaurant chef team with mango, papaya, blueberries, coconut and other fresh fruits and vegetables into the dish, with all kinds of health food, innovation produce eight creative fruit feast.
Eight creative fruit dishes, "bitter melon Tuna Sashimi", "wine ice cool foie gras" is the most popular choice summer cold."Cuttlefish roe soup vegetable soup" light relieve inflammation, it from all kinds of fresh fruit dish with meat, pork, chicken, Cantonese cuisine is made, shine at the moment.

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