Flexibility, balance and strength improved tremendously

Submitted by: Crystal Reeves

Ash's Success Story

I am 65 years old and an avid golfer. I have been working out regularly for over ten years. In this period I have only used four trainers. I only employ trainers who are specialists in this field and know the human body. This winter while I was in Scottsdale, I hired Crystal Reeves as my personal trainer, and she developed a special workout program for me, which concentrated on my arms, shoulders and legs.

This was a most rewarding program with very gratifying results. In just two months my body weight dropped from 199 pounds to 187 pounds and my flexibility, balance and strength improved tremendously.
Crystal has a warm and a friendly personality, which immediately sets people at ease. Crystal has many creative and innovative ideas. She is intelligent, conscientious, and a hardworking individual who will be successful in any endeavor.

I highly recommend Crystal Reeves as a personal trainer to assist anyone to accomplish their set goals and objectives