Flab to a Fit Ironman

Submitted by: Phyllis Peterson

Corey's Success Story

I was a Master Fitness Trainer in the military and decided to leave and watch my kids grow up. As I made my transition to civilian life, I stopped working out and took a desk job. I gained the most weight ever in my life at 215 lbs and 30% body fat. I had participated as a runner and triathlete, but never thought I would make it as an Ironman. My goal was to get to the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI. I took part in a Weight Loss challenge and to Phyllis credit and motivation, she shaped and molded my body into an elite athlete by pushing me to my limits and just beyond. With her help, I lost 37lbs. and dropped my body fat to 10% in just 5 months. She is a credit to the profession and has been the greatest inspiration in my life. She has inspired me to help others in their lifestyle journey and become a certified-Personal Trainer and Health and Wellness Consultant. Thank you Phyllis for your inspiration and dedication to others success.


Corey Before


Corey After