Fitness Together Temecula personal training - Susan D.

Submitted by: Ed Ferrell

Susan D.'s Success Story

After putting my family first for many years, I decided it was time to make myself a priority. I started training at Fitness Together two days a week along with two days of cardio at home. I also incorporated healthier eating habits into my lifestyle. Within just a few weeks, I had dropped 15 lbs! I'm feeling great now and have much more energy than I've had in years.
I have worked with other personal trainers before, but none of them even come close to workouts and results I get with Ed at Fitness Together. Every training session is fun and challenging. With Ed’s help, I am on my way to leading a healthier life!

Fast forward five months and I've now lost 55 lbs and gone down 5 sizes! What an incredible feeling! I love the definition I'm getting from all my personal training sessions with Ed. They are definitely paying off. It's amazing how many friends and acquaintances comment on how I look now. Honestly, it feels great to hear it - every time!

I have to say, starting my personal training at Fitness Together was the best decision I ever made. I'm losing weight and getting in shape the right way, I am now able to handle more physical boundaries and challenges, and I have much better overall health, stamina and blood chemistry.


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