Fitness Journey

Submitted by: Melanie Lewis

Sandy 's Success Story

Sandy is more than half way through her weight loss journey and look how great she looks! You will often see Sandy in class with a big smile on her face and lots of energy!!! Great job...I can't wait to post the final photo!!!

Sandy has tried many different methods of fitness and training in the past and she finally found what she is looking for! The friendly atmosphere at The Fitness Club of Florida has kept fitness fun, exciting, effective, and easy!!! She has built a support system here! Sandy comes in for 3 cardio group exercise classes a week and 1 strength training kettle bell personal training session a week. She eats healthy and smart! No fad diets or starving!!!!

She is down 30lbs! 10% body fat! Has lost 4.5 inches off of her waist and 3.5 inches off of her hips! And she is still losing!!! I am so proud! The best part of all she is doing it the healthy way...eating rights and gimmicks people! It works! — at Fitness Club of Florida.


Sandy  After