Fitness Industry "Pioneer"

Submitted by: Eve Lees

's Success Story

Over the past 30 years I’ve achieved many certificates as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Fitness Appraiser, as well as completing several university and college courses on exercise physiology and nutrition. I am considered a “pioneer” in the personal training industry: I was among the first generation of aerobic dance instructors to be certified (in the early 1980’s) and I worked as a “Personal Trainer” long before it was a recognized occupation (we called ourselves One-on-One Coaches back then). I have been a member of IDEA since it was first formed back in the 1980’s.
Over the years, my personal training clients have included Peter Legge (motivational speaker and owner of Canada Wide Media), the late Jack Poole and his wife Darlene, Radio personality Bob Saye and his wife Judith, and sports reporter Neil MacRae. I’ve managed two fitness centres, owned a Health Food Store, and after studying nutrition at S.A.I.T. and at Simon Fraser University (The Health & Fitness Studies Certificate), I began offering Nutrition Counselling to my personal training clients. By the 1980’s it was realized fitness instructors should offer basic nutrition information to their clients, so I was asked by the British Columbia Recreations and Parks Association (BCRPA) to teach nutrition to their certified fitness instructors.
I’ve authored a self-syndicated health column (Fit to be Healthy) since 1985. At one time it was carried by 10 newspapers – including 11 years in the Peace Arch News (White Rock), nine years in the Langley Times and four years with the Surrey Leader. My column is still published in five community newspapers. I was the regular Health Columnist for BC Woman Magazine for ten years. Currently I author a health column in Senior Living Magazine and The White Rock Sun (an on-line newspaper). For 15 years, I’ve been a regular contributor to Wellness Matters, a publication of Canada Wide Media. Eighteen years ago I began publishing my own self-produced health publication, Personal Health Newsletter, and it has earned praise and respect from many medical and fitness professionals.
Today, I no longer work full time in the fitness industry, although I continue to freelance write, and do the occasional speaking presentation. I am enjoying semi-retirement as a portrait artist.