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Submitted by: Jonathan Gray

Mick's Success Story

I would like to express my great application to Mr. Jon Gray for the three years as my personal trainer.
I first employed Jon when I was 62 years old and weighed approximately 285 pounds. I had spent a good portion of my adult life struggling with my weight and had tried every popular diet and exercise plan on the market. I began with Jon to add some simple exercise to my otherwise sedentary life style.
Jon encouraged me with a simple yet challenging program which began a major change in my approach to my health. He showed me simple ways to improve my diet without changing my entire lifestyle. He trained me with an emphasis on the correct, safe and frankly fun ways to exercise.
As I continued practicing with Jon, I saw the results of his tutelage. So began a remarkable change to my body, mind and spirit.
I have now been a client of Jon Gray for three years. I have lost over 80 pounds which I have never gained back, developed muscle mass and significantly reduced my body fat. I train with Jon three times per week. Our sessions are generally outdoors except in inclement weather when we work in a studio space in Manahawkin. The sessions are always diversified, challenging and a lot of fun. Not only does Jon use expected exercise equipment but he might incorporate basketball, football or tennis into the routine.
Jon is deeply sensitive man, always concerned how I am feeling, how my day is going, what kind of stress I might be encountering. He is very a good listener. He never pushes me beyond my ability and yet he challenges me to try new things.
Jon is a great trainer, very flexible with his schedule and caters my training program to my person schedule. Now at 65 I am in the best condition of my life. Spiritually, mentally and physically I have never felt this better. And while I had to do the work, I could not have accomplished this healthy happiness without Jon Gray.

Mick Lambeth


Mick Before


Mick After