Fitness At Any Age

Submitted by: Alita Brown

Kate's Success Story

Dear Alita,

I wanted to share my thoughts about how important Fitness Together is to me. It's been nearly a year since I got your flyer in the mail and walked into your studio on H St. N.E. And what a year it's been!! I've worked with personal trainers before, but I wasn't sure what could be accomplished now that I'm in my 60s or if I would even stick with it. I wanted to be physically stronger with improved flexibility and balance. And, I wanted my "girlie" shape back. You and your staff have given me that and much more. Every FT trainer I've worked with has been expert and focused on my needs. I especially appreciate the depth of knowledge and the variety of exercises that I'm provided. I learn something new every time I'm there. Most important, even though I may be "exhausted" from a workout, I'm never bored. Slowly but surely, with your staff's patience and guidance, daily exercise has once again bec ome a part of my life. I am most grateful!! Thank you. Now if you could only come up with some exercises to make me taller!!