Fitenss Together Temecula personal training - Keo M.

Submitted by: Ed Ferrell

Keo's Success Story

My initial goal with Fitness Together was to work with a personal trainer to tone and in about 2-3 months I thought I would be complete and happy. Not only am I more than happy, but I love the new me! I am 33 with three children and my new measurements are unbelievable!

It is now almost six months later and eating healthy, staying fit and continuing to tackle new fitness challenges is not a temporary change, but its now my lifestyle.

Whether it is increasing the interval intensity with my cardio, utilizing heavier weights for more muscle tone or adding more miles for my marathon training, my personal trainer is there every step of the way and is extremely knowledgeable, a great motivator and genuinely cares about my goals.


Keo Before


Keo After