Fit Mom at 40!

Submitted by: Pamela Adams

Chris's Success Story

"Thank you Pam for your guidance, expertise, support and compassion these last 6 months. I’ve had an amazing experience/journey training for my first amateur figure competitions with you as my trainer. You guided me physically and mentally through this whole process, encouraging me all the way, and I was well taken care of on both levels. You also set an excellent example on how to manage training, family, and work. Those early mornings spent in Evolutions training with you alongside my fellow gym goers, who always supported and inspired me, was often the highlight of my day."

Thank you,
Chris Burkhardt

2013 OCB Delaware State Natural (June)
1st Place Figure Open
1st Place 40+ Figure
1st Place Novice Figure

OCB 2013 Eastern Regionals (April - first show)
3rd Place Figure Open
2nd Place 40+ Figure
2nd Place Novice Figure


Chris Before


Chris After