Fit for Life

Submitted by: Samantha Trainum

Jim's Success Story

I cannot recommend Samantha Trainum highly enough. I started working with Samantha over two years ago. In the past I had done weight-lifting, long-distance running, swimming and yoga, but I had stopped all that and was only biking. This made me injury prone and much weaker than I realized. Sam took time to talk through my concerns, has helped me develop short-term and long-term goals, and designs and constantly redesigns a custom training program for me to do with her each week and by myself during the rest of the week. She always follows-up with my progress at the next session and sometimes even checks in the next day. Samantha is not afraid to push me hard, well beyond what I thought were my limits. But she is very careful about proper form and injury prevention. Every single week she does an incredible amount of research and comes up with a new routine just for me that is fun and challenging. If there is something that I just can't do that week or am just not up for, she reinvents the routine on the fly and is always able to make the most out of any situation. Sam has me doing core-exercises, squats, pushups, weight-lifting, jump rope, running, posture exercises, warm-ups and stretching. I am much stronger, noticeably thinner, and injury free. I even bike faster. I couldn't be happier. Going to see Sam has become one of the highlights of my week.