Fit for Life

Submitted by: Jean Simons

Ayana's Success Story

"I decided to get a trainer because I wanted to have a better workout. I'd been a member of a sports club for over 7 years and developed a very boring treadmill routine. Occasionally I would take a dance or yoga class, but overall I felt that I wasn't pushing myself or seeing results.

I worked with Jean and she was the best thing that ever happened to fitness. She is knowledgeable on the newest equipment available to trainers and gym goers. She suggested and lent me books that helped me understand and address my poor eating habits. Jean created a fitness routine that I felt comfortable with yet one that was challenging. I have had trainers in the past but never one that addressed all the different aspects of being healthy - eating better, getting stronger, surrounding yourself with people who are supportive and trying new equipment and exercises to achieve better results.

A few weeks after I started working with Jean, I ran a 5k race without stopping. This was a great accomplishment - before i could barely run 1 mile. I feel much stronger now. I have much better, longer workouts and am much more familiar with gym equipment. I feel like working with Jean gave me the jumpstart that I needed to develop a long term weight loss and fitness regimen. I plan on working with Jean regularly in the future in order to stay current on exercises techniques and to stay on track with my own fitness goals. "