First Time in a Gym

Submitted by: Valerie Carter

Ryan's Success Story

Client from June ’12-present
I never would have hired a personal trainer on my own, but I won a 4-session gift certificate for Turning Point at an Apartment Complex drawing. Though initially nervous and DEFINITELY out of shape, Ryan & Val made me feel immediately comfortable. After the 4 free sessions my partner and
I decided to continue on in a group class (consisting of just the two of us and one trainer). We've been working with them for almost a year now, and it's been worth every penny. We have both made a huge amount of progress, and are very happy with the results. Turning Point has a very personal approach, and they change up the workouts constantly so you're never bored. I started with them as
someone who had been to the gym only a handful of times in my 30 years, and I was extremely uncomfortable even being there. Within a few minutes I felt empowered and excited. Ryan and Val are extraordinarily encouraging, without being overbearing. When there's an issue that pops up - maybe some back pain or a cold - they are able to revise their planned workouts on the spot. I went
from being someone who has literally NEVER worked out before to a person who feels happy and confident in the gym.