First one to lose 100 lbs. Wins!

Submitted by: Richard David

Robyn's Success Story

Robyn came to me after a divorce and two children and the stresses of daily living had begun to take their toll. She had a lot of weight to lose but hadn't had any success with exercise or trainers before. She reluctantly agreed to work with me and was off to a pretty good start. We started with corrective exercise and moved in to stabilization exercises andnstarted to see improvements in balance, strength and coordination but her weight and body fat were remaining about the same.
I referred to dr. Kyle Fogel, who's is a doctor of natural medicine and a chiropractor. He quickly determined she was having an allergic reaction to gluten. Once she got the gluten out of her system, she started losing weight immediately and she lost a hundred pounds in that first year!


Robyn Before


Robyn After