First Marathon

Submitted by: Katherine Coltrin

Sherry's Success Story

I wanted to thank you again for your incredible support yesterday. You really made those last eight miles go by so much better.... everyone in my "3:45 group" really enjoyed having you there to cheer us on and help us!!! Your words of wisdom and encouragement, and especially your sense of joy in helping us finish this race, are appreciated more than you know.... You are just incredible with your expertise in every aspect of racing; the training, nutrition, and especially the psychological aspect!!! I'll never forget my first marathon and the EXCELLENT training and support I received from you!!!! Did you see the pic on the front page of the register this morning???
P.S. My legs are in PAIN!!! I dread stairs!!!
You are the BEST!

Katherine, you're great!!! It was really nice to see you yesterday and have you motivate me up that hill!!! Ughhh... I hate that hill!!! Thought I got 2nd, then it turned out after awards that first place girl didn't do swim (oops!) and i got first.... had a good time on all three - swim is getting better....