First Fitness Figure Competition

Submitted by: Sara Clow

Amanda D's Success Story

When I started training with Sara it was to get back into shape like everyone else. I needed the motivation of a personal trainer to help keep me focused on my goal. What I never imagined was not only getting the motivation I needed but a friend who pushed me to believe anything was possible, like competing in a figure competition, even when I doubted my own self. I got this crazy idea that I wanted to compete in a figure competition to see if I could actually do it, stick to the strict diet, and work out 6 days a week with double cardio days 3 times a week. Watching Sara train for multiple figure competitions inspired me to push myself beyond what I thought I would be capable of doing. When I told her what I wanted to do, she gave me a reality check about what I would be committing too, asked me again if I wanted to compete, and then supported my decision 110%. Not only did she transform my body in 3 months, she went above and beyond to make sure I would be completely prepared for competition day. She took her own personal time to drive down to San Diego with me to multiple suit fittings, met with me over the weekends to take pictures, practice posing, review my journal, and have mental checks. The couple days prior to the competition, she came over 4 times a day to paint my body, practice more posing and reassure me that no matter what she was proud of me and all we had accomplished together. The day of the competition she helped me get ready (even though she could not come backstage – we met outside) and of course was the loudest person screaming, cheering and coaching me while I was on stage. It was funny because she was the only voice I heard. She sat all day through pre-judging and came back for the final show that evening. I owe her so much because without her I never would have lost 25 lbs, reduce my body fat by over 9%, and best of all place 2nd in my very first figure competition – all in 3 months!! The best part was seeing how proud she was of me – plastered pictures and announcements of my achievement all over the gym we train at – and always giving me the credit for a job well done. But you can tell by my story that the credit also goes to Sara – never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought one day I would step on a stage for a figure competition and place 2nd! Definitely an accomplishment for the memory book!


Amanda D Before


Amanda D After