First Client

Submitted by: Nancy Bullard

Jim's Success Story

While I was recovering from hip surgery, I helped my first client change his life. His place of employment was sponsoring a weight loss contest and he wanted to WIN! He had very poor eating habits (LOTS of fast food on the run) and did very little exercise.

I met with him, stated him on a core/stability program and helped him make some major changes to his diet. He saw the weight start to come off and got more active. He transitioned into more weight lifting, bicycling, playing basketball, and walking! He also maintained the changes in his diet.

He did not win the contest, but somewhere along the journey he realized this was about LIFE - not just a contest to win. We worked together remotely for 3 months, meeting in person periodicall and he has made life-long changes. He is continuing to lose on his own following the principles and plan I gave him.

This is what Jim had to say --
"You were an awesome help and encouragement. Our little experiment has me losing a total of 21 lbs. so far. I do appreciate the special time that you put into my success. You went above and beyond what you promised. I would refer anybody I know to you as a client."