First Client

Submitted by: Greg McEwan

Nick's Success Story

Throughout my life, my physical fitness has always been something I’d been interested in, but I was always guilty of being very serious about it for only a few weeks or months, then falling back to my same old lazy ways. I felt my problem was lack of motivation, so hiring a personal trainer was something I always thought about.
I finally decided to take that big step when Greg offered me a free assessment. It was a bit shocking to realize just how out of shape I really was! I hired him right away and he designed a personalized progressive program for me. That was the beginning of November 2009, only four months ago from today.
Since then I’ve lost a grand total of 50lbs, going from 226 down to 176, and dropping my body fat percentage from over 40% down to 25%! My proudest accomplishment was getting back into a 32 pants size, which I hadn’t been for over five years, and that was at a weight of 155lbs so I know I gained a significant amount of lean muscle.
I’ll admit those statistics are quite impressive, but it’s the other things I’m much happier about concerning my choice to hire Greg. I now love working out, going to the gym, and just all around being as physically active as possible. My overall flexibility is better than it’s ever been my entire life. My confidence is thru the roof, more so than it’s ever been. My mood is always extremely positive and my entire outlook on life has improved significantly!
I plan on working with Greg as long as I possibly can. He has a great personality, is extremely knowledgeable and an awesome motivator. I totally recommend working with him if you’re ready to get serious about achieving your fitness goals!!!