Fire Academy Ready

Submitted by: Barbi Griffith

Cody's Success Story

I have always been a physically active person. In high school, I played football as a lineman and baseball, as well. I had always been into lifting for power and strength. My goal used to be to lift the most. Since then, I have realized that I am no longer in need of the ability to 'lift the most'. Don't get me wrong, strength is still important to me but it needs to be practical and usable. I'm not trying to win a body building competition, so I don't need to train like I am! I attended Barbi's boot camps for 3 months, in order to get in shape for the fire academy. She took the time to explain to me why she was training me in the manner she was. She understood that my goal was to become a firefighter, so I needed to be not only strong but agile as well. She focused on training me using my own body weight, with the help of dumb bells, kettlebells, jump ropes, plyo boxes, and medicine balls. Her boot camps are designed to stress your muscles past the point of what they are used to being stressed! By mixing up your workout like she does, your muscle groups you are tarteting will be worked out, but in a different way each time. Thus your muscles will not fall into a routine and keeps them from getting used to the stress level. Thanks to Barbi's help, I went into one of the most physically demanding fire academy's around and was able to physically standout in the class. The workouts she put me through only took 30 minutes, yet I felt better results than I used to get working out by myself for hours at a time.