Finding Nutrition/Lifestyle Balance in Life

Submitted by: Joanne DiMauro

Sipiwe's Success Story

“I started my health counseling sessions with Joanne DiMauro in May of 2006. In the beginning, my goals were to lose weight, learn more about nutrition, and to finally break myself of my life-long sugar habit. When I began working with her, I did not realize how much our work together would change my life for the better. Now, 8 months later, I have achieved all of my goals and also have a deeper understanding of myself, an invigorated self-confidence, and a desire to continue to implement the knowledge that I gained in the hope of living a fulfilling and self-actualized life.

One of the first principles that Joanne brought to my attention was that of the “Yin and Yang.” By understanding that in our lives and in our bodies we seek balance, I realized that, in some aspects, I was off balance. By working very specifically on these things that I wanted to improve, I was able to implement adjustments to make my life more rich and fulfilling. This way, I would not have to rely on sugar and other expansive foods to substitute the fulfillment that I needed. Joanne and I discussed these things in my sessions and she made suggestions about books, practices, and other resources that would aid in my process. Simultaneously, she introduced me to foods that I wasn’t familiar with and gave me ideas and recipes to incorporate into my everyday life. I hardly cooked before I started working with her and now I cannot wait to get home and experiment with all of the cooking ideas she gave me. I gradually began to feel my life and my body take on a new and invigorating quality of fullness. One of the most helpful aspects of my sessions was that I could check in with Joanne at any point about my process and if something wasn’t working, or if had a new challenge, we could troubleshoot about it until we found a solution. Joanne had a very personal approach to health counseling and was able to expertly tailor my program to my meet my needs.

At the end of my 7 month program, I did a detox cleanse as a celebration of the culmination of my time working with Joanne. It was through this process that I realized quite how much my health and my perspective on nutrition had improved. I felt more energized, confident, and knowledgeable about my body and its needs. I can say with certainty that the 7 months that I worked with Joanne studying nutrition and working towards my nutritional goals changed my life in a very positive way and is an experience that I will draw upon for the rest of my life.”