Finding Higher Ground

Submitted by: Rasika Mathur

Various's Success Story

I have been teaching and facilitating gentle yoga, chakra work and guided meditation for the clients of a drug & addiction recovery program in san fernando valley, ca. I believe these are truly the tools beings can use to heal past traumas and stop the painful cycles of acting out and numbing ourselves, and start focusing on and living from Higher Power!
Here is some of their feedback:

"Wonderful! I've stayed after class numerous times for personal help and always look forward to seeing Miss Rasika."
~ Michelle

"Everything is wonderful. A great exercise and spiritual class."
~ Daya

"Great class. Great instructor."
~ Sam

"About Rasika: Wonderful instructor. I have some nagging injuries and they feel better even within a few classes."
~ Huey

"Rasika is a wonderful instructor that fully captures the spirit of yoga."
~ Jim

"Good class, awesome instructor. This class is the only thing I look forward to weekday and weekend."
~ Texas