Finally.....I know the formula!

Yvonne (Fergie)'s Success Story

When did the struggle begin, was it when I saw unplanned changes in my skin tone or was it when I looked in the mirror and wondered who was that larger, tired person looking back at me. I am not sure but I have had an issue with weight for about 9 years. As an active fitness professional, I taught many group fitness classes and ate a moderately healthy diet (never ever having to go on a diet).
I had my first child at 35 and went from 120 to a steady 130lbs. Along came baby number two with another ten 10lbs. After getting used to being 140lbs and rationalizing it with being a little older, seven years went by and along came baby no. three with 10 more lbs. Thats when the stranger showed up in the mirror. How did I let myself get here and where was this leading to.....It was time for a change.

I decided that I had to make time for myself, each day and make no excuses. No matter what, I worked out each day, whether it was 15 minutes or 1 hour. I began conscious eating (actually looking at each bite, enjoying it and not eating on the run) and when the going became tough I prayed for strength to stay on track and relearn how to prioritize allowing myself to be first.
The weight came off and the person in the mirror looks and feels familiar and healthy again. I am able to continue to coach my clients with a greater insight for even more success into their health and fitness goals.
The formula is entwined in taking one day at a time and not rushing through life. In that day it is mandatory to set aside "me" time and not put yourself on the back burner. Capability and overall Efficiency in all your daily actions will become easier and more purposeful.
This is my formula for success.


Yvonne (Fergie) Before


Yvonne (Fergie) After