Finally Made Fitness a Lifestyle After a Lifetime of Trying!

Submitted by: Jenn A. Nocera

Sam's Success Story

"I tried every diet I could find before reaching out to Coach Jenn. I knew something was missing but I couldn't name it. Coach Jenn helped me make honest assessments of my eating and fitness behaviors. She coached me and supported me every step of the way as I realized I was stuffing my emotions. I was mindlessly going through life, sabotaging all my dieting attempts. Jenn worked with me to become aware of my emotions and develop healthier ways to deal with them. Once I began to accept myself and deal with my emotions, it was almost as if the weight just fell off! I think more positively now and feel more empowered to enjoy my life! I have stopped wasting energy focusing on food and the things I felt I couldn't do because of my size. I would recommend Jenn to anyone wishing to develop better fitness and lifestyle habits." S.S., Oceanport, NJ