Finally found a trainer who listens and understands the needs of someone with PD

Submitted by: Joanne Bradbury

Ron's Success Story

I have Parkinson's and at age 50, I needed a qualified and experienced trainer to design and provide me a program to keep my balance, muscles and general movement in top condition as a check against this disease.

Using Joanne’s program, I gained more flexibility, lost 10 pounds, and firmed up all my muscles. I gained much more energy, and my sleep improved as well. One unexpected benefit was that now people say I do not look 50!

Joanne’s program was very personalized and a lot of attention was placed in the interview process so that Joanne became truly familiar with my needs and was then able to design a program for my desired outcomes. That's what I call service!

I would recommend Joanne to those who are looking for a trainer who truly listens and takes the time to understand the needs of the individual.