Figure Preparation Success!

Submitted by: Asim Khan

Rose's Success Story

When I met Asim, we just clicked! We talked a lot about fitness and nutrition, about life/work balance and setting smaller goals that would pave the way to achieving the end result. We were instantly on the same page. This is when I knew Asim was the trainer that would help me achieve my goal. It wasn’t only his knowledge and professionalism that ‘sold’ me on his services, but his friendliness, respect and willingness to work with me in achieving my goals.

Once we hit the ground running, Asim took me through some different work-outs; some were fun and different while other workout sessions really tested my strength both physically and mentally. Asim also took the time to create a different meal plan that I would have never otherwise considered. He pushed me and encouraged me through every workout and taught me that ‘less is more’ and rest is just as important to achieving the results I wanted. Asim never lost faith and always remained positive in my abilities even though at times I was not.

Training with Asim was a great experience. I learned a lot from Asim, many things I still practice while going at it alone in the gym today. He reminds me that he is always available for help or questions if need be; a true sign of a dedicated trainer and friend. He helped me realize my potential and together we placed top three in my 2010 OPA Figure Competition. Asim, you’re Awesome!


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Asim Khan

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