Figure at Fifty!

Submitted by: Michael Twydell

Michele's Success Story

Michele began training with me after many years of regular workouts in the gym with no other goal than to stay lean and burn off stress. She had built a fairly decent physique but wanted to take it to the next level.
I suggested she train for a figure cometition to which she quickly laughed and dismissed my idea.
It was the fall and we agreed to train her with the intensity of competition training setting the end of March as her target "unveiling" date.
Pushing herself harder and harder she gained confidence as her physique became tighter and more athletic.
By January she told me she had decided to do a show!
We picked the Michigan Novice as her first figure competition and started working on posing, walking and tightening up the diet each week.
She entered her show on March 16th with a bodyfat of 9.5% and placed 3rd in the Masters division upon her 50th birthday!
She is now an inspiration to all the women training at the gym old and young proving you are never too old to have success at fitness!


Michele After