Submitted by: Lisa Dougherty

Lynne's Success Story

To Whom It May Concern,

I’ve been working with Lisa Dougherty for just two months, and already I can see the difference in my body, in my attitude, and in my whole life.

For some time before I met Lisa, I’d been mulling over what I could do to feel fitter. I decided that with working with a personal trainer would be ideal – if I could just locate one who understood the challenges I face because I have fibromyalgia. One who was willing to work within the constraints imposed upon me by the chronic pain disorder.

Luckily, I found Lisa.

Every workout with her challenges me physically – but I never feel like my fibromyalgia has slipped her mind. She’s always concerned about what is best for me, both physically and emotionally, and is willing to accommodate my needs.

On top of that, she’s knowledgeable, dedicated, and prepared for every session. She constantly shares new information and ideas with me, so I can get the most out of that day’s workout and incorporate fitness into every aspect of my life. She’s even got a sense of humor – so great, in fact, that I actually look forward to the rigor of our sessions!

I’m glad I made the decision to work with a personal trainer – and grateful that the trainer that I found was Lisa Dougherty.

Lynne Matallana
President, National Fibromyalgia Association

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