Fat to Fit, the Power of Consistency

Submitted by: Jacob Lawrence

Kirsten's Success Story

Kirsten was a busy professional woman. Working in the pharmaceutical industry she traveled a lot for work, spending many hours in the car and extended periods away from home in small town hotels. Kirsten also was a recently divorced mother of two young girls. When she contacted me about starting a program she told me she had gained roughly 50 pounds and was sick and tired of the patterns that had developed in her life. To put it simply, she wanted to take back control! Her goal was to lose the weight by Thanksgiving“ it was the first week of August. My thoughts were, anything is possible, but with such a short time period, there was no room for deviations.

What was unique about Kirsten is that she knew the work was up to her to do. She knew that to accomplish this she had to prioritize this part of her life. Frankly, she needed to take care of herself. From me, she needed accountability and structure. We met only once per week. Normally I see clients 2-3 times each week, but with such a demanding schedule and so many commitments, this was just not possible.

On those Monday sessions we worked hard, adding new challenges each week, building confidence through success, and creating true ownership of her fitness. With headphones on and singular focus she did her cardio sessions while watching the biggest loser and other motivating shows. She found by associating exercises with other positive activities made it an activity she always looked forward to.

Everything was not easy. She had to keep diligent with her nutrition at all times. Engraining these new habits took time and persistence. I made sure she had my full confidence at all times. Seeing her effort level and commitment was inspiring! Trust me, I was not the only one to notice. Many people approached me and asked about her work ethic. I was proud to boast! Many others approached her asking how she did it. What was she doing to look that great?

By Thanksgiving she had made her goal! I could see the pride in accomplishment on her face and knew that this was only the beginning for her!

Kirsten made lasting changes. When you see results and associate all the good choices with positive lifestyle change you can’t help but want to keep coming back for more. Kirsten is an inspiration to many. She has taken her love of fitness to another level by becoming certified in both personal training and yoga!

A true example of how fitness can change your life!