Fat loss

Submitted by: jason corrie

Jennie's Success Story

Jason - straight talking, no interest in excuses, works you hard, challenges and encourages you in a way that you want to prove to him you can do it. The compliments are few and far between but that's ok, as when they do arrive you know he means it!

Since training with Jason some fitness and nutritional facts have become ingrained in my mind and changed the way I do things. I know exactly what I need to do to stay fit and maintain/lose weight. I will miss the training sessions with Jason but his voice will forever be in my head telling me to work harder!

During these 5 years I have also studied and qualified as a personal trainer. Jason throughout this process has given me a great deal of advice based on his own experiences and knowledge on what makes a good trainer in regards to planning the right exercises to building relationships with clients. This has been extremely helpful and I now run my own personal training business.

He also managed to get my body fat down to 8%!

I would like to say a huge thank you and wish him all the success.

Jennie Appleby