Family Man Finds Renewed Energy

Chuck's Success Story

“I’m not an athlete. I never lifted weights at a gym. I am a 43 year old recently divorced, stressed-out, accountant. I was fatigued; my doctor kept prescribing different medications that didn’t seem to help. I was depressed over my unexpected divorce. I lost the strength to play with my kids. I’m too cheap to pay for a personal trainer, but I struggled to make changes needed in my life. So, I hired Mike to be my personal trainer. The initial biggest change wasn’t even physical, it was mental. I started to feel more alert. I had greater energy; my fatigue diminished. After five months I lost 25 pounds. My complete body strength improved remarkably. I can lift my 12 and 13-year old daughters over my head like I did eight years ago. My doctor can’t believe that I cut my Paxil dosage in half. I am hooked on Mike’s personal training. I’m afraid to stop because my life has become so much better.”